About the Kansas City Royals

Named after the famous “American Royal Livestock Show” in Kansas City, the Kansas City Royals were started through the actions of local businessman Ewing Kauffman and former Senator Stuart Symington who made it possible for the creation of a new professional baseball team in Kansas City in 1969 after the exit of the Athletics from the city a few years before. Dawning their famous powder blue uniforms, they walked out onto the field for the first time in 1973 in these uniforms which they currently wear to this day. Hall-of-Fame slugger George Brett carried the Royals into the playoffs and to their first American League pennant in 1980, with his game-clinching home run over the Yankees in the AL Championship game taking them to the World Series for the first time. Despite this early success, it wasn’t until 1985 that the Kansas City Royals finally captured their first World Series title and second AL pennant over the St. Louis Cardinals in the “I-70 Series,” named after the highway connecting the two competing cities in Missouri. The Royals are most known for the “Pine Tar Incident,” which took place a few years before, in 1981, when Royals third-baseman George Brett’s home run was erased due to his use of pine tar exceeding the 18 inch rule on bats. Since then, the Royals have had periods of highs and lows bringing them to this 2008 season with their new motto “New. Blue. Tradition.” and an attempt to bring themselves back into contention. Fans are purchasing tickets frantically for a chance to see their Kansas City Royals compete for the pennant and World Series Championship.

Past Seasons

After going all the way through the month of May with a record of 21-31, Manager Trey Hillman was dismissed from the Royals franchise and replaced with Ned Yost who was formerly the longtime skipper of the Milwaukee Brewers. As the team went through June, the record began to reflect change and by the end of June, the Royals were 40-36. Their record now stands at 44-67 and the team is in last place in the AL Central.

Injuries are also hampering the team. Currently on the DL are RHP Robinson Tejeda right bicep tendinitis, RHP Luke Hochevar (strained right elbow), RHP Gil Meche (right shoulder bursitis), CF David DeJesus (torn thumb ligament) and INF Josh Fields (hip surgery).

The Royals are hoping to get out of their recent slump that included a 2-7 trip to Oakland. “We’re struggling for runs, but these things run their course,” Yost said. “All it takes is one big hit to get everybody going. We’ll just wait until we get that one big hit. They’re battling.”

2009 Season

The 2009 Kansas City Royals look to get their team back on track after finishing 75-87 in 2008. The team got off to a great start at 18-11 and was looking to make a run for the playoffs. Things didn’t go off as planned as the team suffered through a number of losing streaks until they finally fell to a disappointing 65-97, ten full games behind the prior season.

In the June draft, the Royals picked up University of Missouri RHP Aaron Crow.

2008 Season

With an average 69-93 record in 2007, the Kansas City Royals look to make the post-season for the first time in over twenty years with this 2008 season. The Royals have brought out their old powder blue uniforms with hope that this’ll spark the continuation of a long-standing tradition of winning and World Series contention that has been absent from the city for too long. Kansas City fans are purchasing tickets to see whether or not the color of the Royals uniform is enough to pull them out of their recent slump.

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