Kansas City Royals…Looking For Another World Series Win

In 1969, the Kansas City Royals brought baseball back to the area as one of four expansion teams that year. The most successful of the four teams, the Royals made a strong showing in their first year as a professional team winning 63 of their games that season. Their first winning season was in 1971 and as part of the West Division, the team made their first post-season appearance in 1976. They currently have six Division titles, two AL pennants, and a World Series Championship to their credit.
The 1970s were a big time for rivalries for the team as they rose to prominence. Few of these rivalries exist today. The rivalry with the Yankees only lasted for the time that the team was on top, dying out as the Royals won fewer games per season. Their rivalry with the former Kansas City team, the Oakland A’s only lasted a few years before dying out as well in favor of that the one with the Yankees.
Other rivalries came and went, however currently the most heated rivalry is between the Kansas City Royals and the other team from Missouri, the Cardinals. Also known as the I-70 series, the two teams face off each year in a series of games that keep the rivalry alive from one season to the next.
Anyone stopping into Kauffman Stadium for a game is in for a real treat. Of course, there is the baseball, but also present at every home game is Sluggerrr, the team’s mascot. Sluggerrr the lion has been part of the game day experience since 1996, entertaining fans, energizing the crowd and heckling fans of the other team. He also enjoys throwing souvenirs into the crowd with the help of the Royals K Crew, whose job it is to shoot t-shirts and other items out to the fans during the game.
Kauffman Stadium, named in honor of the team’s founding owner, Ewing Kauffman, opened in 1973 at a cost of 70 million dollars. The stadium capacity is almost 38,000 with the ability to increase to more than 40,000 using standing room if necessary. One of the most notable features of the venue is the waterfall and fountain display located behind the right field fence. The display boasts waterfalls and fountains designed to take the breath away, and is home of the largest privately funded fountain in the world.
The Kansas City Royals are not a team to disappoint. A game at Kauffman Stadium is one you will never forget. The team is entertaining and hard working, doing their best to give the deserving fans a great season each year. From the exciting game of baseball on the field, to the wild antics of the mascot on the sidelines, the Royals can’t be outdone.

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