Royals ready for season to kick off

A third consecutive AL Title and second World Series are not out of the question for the defending World Series Champion Kansas City Royals and according to Manager Ned Yost, the key ingredient is still in the clubhouse, one that makes or breaks a talented team.

“I’ve been to the World Series eight times, and the one constant on those championship teams was always the chemistry inside the clubhouse,” Yost said. “That’s a very, for me, special component. The chemistry here is as strong as it’s ever been anywhere else, if not just a little bit stronger.

Newcomer Cody Decker, who signed with the Royals in the offseason, gave his take on the clubhouse atmosphere.

“I can’t speak to everything in the majors, because I’ve only been in the majors oncebut in pro ball, like in any athletics, you run into unfriendly clubhouses. Well, it’s not so much unfriendly, it’s just teams that aren’t totally together. You come here and everyone is extremely welcoming of everyone that comes in, they’re very supportive. That’s the coaching staff and the players. No one sees everyone in this clubhouse as competition, and that is beyond refreshing.  Everyone is kind of pulling toward the same goal. It sounds so cliche, but honest to God, that’s the culture that they’ve developed here, and it’s kind of something to marvel at.

The Royals continue Spring Training with upcoming games against the Giants, Brewers and the Athletics.  Plenty of great seats and affordable tickets are still available so get yours today and help cheer on your defending World Series Royals!

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